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 Assignment: Make a journal of daily drawings (blind contour, ink washes etc).  Think about and play with scale of the drawings ("journal" should be a conceptual term, not an actual, fixed-size book.)  Make drawings whose subjects span the spectrum from the beautiful to the grotesque (Or the beautiful to the shouldn't-be-beautiful-but-are).

Hey everyone - I thought I'd post some of the stuff I've been working on and looking at, in hopes that it will help me/someone else out. I've done a couple big drawings and a couple days worth of sketchbook stuff over at Davidson College (I live nearby, and they are back from spring break, so it's a hive of people) as well as things around the house and outside in the town of Davidson. These are some of the sketches, and they are a medley of blind contour studies and quick gesture drawings (and quite a few that are in between - these southern college kids are a twitchy lot). I have not broken out the ink wash yet, but plan to do so once the garage is clean. Naturally, I'm the one cleaning it. Sigh.

As a quick note, I've written all over these. You're welcome to read my scribbles, as they are somewhat relevant to the drawings--but please know that they exist mostly so my slow, slow brain can work things out and then remember them later. Also, more to come on why I've chosen to draw the things I've chosen to draw. Also also, there's plenty more to come, I will be doing ink washes on all of these, and the big ones you'll see in person.

Without further ado.