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Glow allows you to upload single files or zipped folders of files.  

Uploading single files

Go into your course, and open the course file store.  Click on button at the bottom of the page button marked Upload a file. Click on the button marked Browse, select the file on your local computer, then click on the button marked Upload this file.

Uploading zipped folders of files

A zip file can contain any number of other files and folders. If you have many files to upload, creating a zip file and uploading it once is very efficient.  Creating the zip file is a function of your local computer rather than Glow, and is outside the scope of this documentation.  If you need help creating a zip file, please contact your Instructional Technology Liaison.

Once you've created your zip file, follow the instructions above for uploading a single file and upload the zip file to the file store. Once the file has been uploaded, a link will appear to the right of its name marked Unzip. When you click on this link, the contents of your zip file will be unzipped into a new folder with the same name as the zip file. Any subfolders within the zip file and their contents will also be created. Please note that the zip file itself will still remain in the file store until you manually delete it.