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Williams College Faculty Handbook

College and Faculty Governance and Administration

The Board of Trustees, the President, and Other Senior Administrators
The Faculty
Faculty Committeese and Panels
Administrative Advisory Groups

Faculty Policies and Programs

Faculty Titles and Ranks
Procedures on Faculty Appointments, Reappointments, and Promotions
Reconsideration and Appeal of Reappointment and Promotion Decisions
Departmental Governance and the Role of Department Chairs
Program Governance and the Role of Program Chairs
Teaching Duties and Related Responsibilities
Policies Governing Part-time Faculty
Service to the College Community
Evaluation of Teaching, Scholarship, and Service to the College Community
Leaves of Absence for Professional Work
Research Support
Terms of Service for Faculty in the Department of Physical Education
Faculty Appointments and Potential Conflict of Interest From Family and Other Special Personal Relationships
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Sexual Harassment Policy
Non-Discrimination Policy and Outline of Discrimination Grievance Procedures
Policies and Procedures Regarding Scientific Misconduct and Public Health Service Reporting Obligations
Termination of Appointment for Cause
Procedures for Imposition of Sanctions Other Than Dismissal

Faculty Benefits and Services

Faculty-Student Relations

Facilities and Services

Faculty Activities