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Williams   College        Real Estate Office        Rental Properties       Inspections/Certifications   Inspections/Certifications                        Tenant LifeChapterLeadChimneys/Property Unit AddressDate OutDate InSafety2PaintFireplacesInsuranceSINGLE FAMILY        60 Meacham Street60 Meacham Street  9/27/11NN Y88 Meacham Street88 Meacham StreetVacant8/20/20129/27/11 N Y100 Meacham Street100 Meacham Street5/29/20128/15/20129/27/11 N Y110 Meacham Street110 Meacham Street  9/27/112006Y Y111 Southworth Street111 Southworth Street8/15/128/22/201210/12/11 Y  Beals House51 Jerome Drive  10/13/111999N YBrinsmade House71 Stetson Court6/3/20126/27/20129/29/11 Y YBurnett House19 Walden Street  9/29/112010Y YCarlton House51 Stetson CourtVacant7/15/20126/1/12 Y YChandler House26 Walden Street  9/12/112011Y YCollins House125 Meacham Street8/15/20128/22/20129/28/11 Y YFriedrich House33 Whitman StreetVacant8/1/201210/27/11 Y YGavitt House80 Stetson Court  10/4/112011N YJohnson House73 Stetson CourtVacant8/15/20126/1/12 Y YLeigh House57 Stetson Court5/22/20128/15/201210/4/11 Y YMaxcy House41 Hoxsey Street8/1/20128/15/201210/13/11 Y YMesser House23 Lynde Lane  10/27/112007Y YRogers House163 Park Street8/1/20128/15/201210/19/11 Y YRoyal House184 Southworth Street7/16/20128/15/201210/12/11 Y YTower House37 Lee TerraceVacantSale?10/27/11 Y YTreadway House70 Mission Park Drive  10/27/112011N YWharton House30 Latham Street7/15/128/15/201211/1/11 Y Y         Children under the age of 6        Y - Yes        N - No        MULTI FAMILY        Brown House - East33 Latham Street6/30/20128/1/201211/1/11 Y YBrown House - West35 Latham Street  11/1/112011Y YClark House - I79 Southworth Street  10/4/112010N YClark House - II79 Southworth Street  10/4/112009Y YFielding Brown - I179 Park StreetVacant9/1/201210/19/11 Y YFielding Brown - II179 Park Street  10/19/112007Y YFisher House - 1st  Fr #171 School Street6/26/20127/31/201210/18/11 N YFisher House - 1st  Fr #273 School Street6/13/20128/1/20126/15/12 N YFisher House - 2nd Fr #371 School Street6/25/20127/2/20127/2/12 N YFisher House - 2nd Rr #473 School StreetVacant8/1/201210/18/112008N YHawthorne I150 Meacham Street  9/28/11 N YHawthorne II146 Meacham StreetVacant8/1/20125/24/122002N YHawthorne III148 Meacham Street7/15/127/31/20129/28/11 N YHewat House - I100 Hoxsey Street  10/13/112008N YHewat House - II100 Hoxsey Street  10/13/112009Y YHewat House - III100 Hoxsey Street   10/13/112011N YJerome House - I66 Jerome Drive  1/17/122011N YJerome House - II66 Jerome Drive6/30/20128/1/2012  N YJerome House - III66 Jerome DriveVacant8/1/20121/17/12 N YKnolls I181 The Knolls6/11/20129/1/20129/29/11 N YKnolls II181 The Knolls  9/29/112005N YKnolls III181 The Knolls  9/29/112011N YLamphier House - East64 Meacham StreetVacant8/15/20126/4/12 Y YLamphier House - West66 Meacham StreetVacant8/1/20126/4/12 Y YMarcus House - I (CDE)24 Sabin Drive6/5/20128/7/201211/1/112012Y YMarcus House  - II (CDE)24 Sabin Drive6/5/20128/7/201211/1/112012Y YMcGinniss House - I (CDE)42 South Street6/10/20128/7/2012 2012N YMcGinniss House - II (CDE)42 South Street6/5/20128/7/2012 2012N YMelville I67 Southworth Street6/1/20128/1/20126/15/12 Y YMelville II69 Southworth Street9/30/2012?10/12/11 Y YMt. Hope Inn - A1445 Green River Road  10/12/112011Y YMt. Hope Inn - B1445 Green River Road6/30/20128/1/201210/12/11 Y YMt. Hope Inn - C1445 Green River Road  10/12/112011Y YMt. Hope Inn - D1445 Green River Road  10/12/112011Y YNorth House - East16 Chapin Court9/1/2012?9/27/112011Y YNorth House - West14 Chapin Court  11/2/112009Y YPark Street Condo, #2 125 Park Street6/30/20128/25/201210/19/11 N YPark Street Condo, #3 125 Park StreetVariesVaries3/26/12NN YPark Street Condo, #5A125 Park Street  10/19/112011N YPark Street Condo, #5B125 Park Street  10/19/112011N YPatrie House - East1573 Green River Road  10/13/112011Y YPatrie House - West1575 Green River Road5/31/20128/1/20126/15/12 Y YPilgrim House - East7 Chapin Court8/15/20129/1/201211/2/11 Y YPilgrim House - West32 South Street  5/24/122011Y YQuinn House - I37 Southworth Street  10/4/112010N YQuinn House - II37 Southworth Street6/30/20127/15/201210/4/11 Y YRoberts House - I135 Southworth Street  10/6/11NY YRoberts House - II137 Southworth Street  3/9/122011N YRuland House - I40 Southworth Street  10/6/112011N YRuland House - II40 Southworth Street  10/6/112011N YRuland House - III40 Southworth Street7/15/20128/10/20123/16/12 N YSherman House - I820 Main Street6/30/20127/15/201211/2/11 N YSherman House - II820 Main Street  11/2/112007N YSherman House - III820 Main Street6/30/20128/28/20125/24/12 N YSherman House - IV820 Main Street  11/2/11NN YSouth House - East19 Chapin Court   2008Y YSouth House - West17 Chapin Court   2009Y YStratton Hills - H6189 Stratton Road6/30/2012Sale?11/3/11 N/A YWild House - I21 Southworth Street  10/6/112006Y YWild House - II23 Southworth Street  10/6/112011Y YWoodworth House - I89 Southworth Street  10/6/112007Y YWoodworth House - II89 Southworth Street  10/6/112011Y YWoodworth House - III89 Southworth Street5/31/20128/1/20126/15/12 Y Y         Children under the age of 6        Y - Yes        N - No        MIXED USE APARTMENTS        B&L Building Apts. - 301100 Spring Street  10/18/11NN/A YB&L Building Apts. - 302100 Spring Street8/1/2012Hold Vacant10/18/11 N/A YB&L Building Apts. - 303100 Spring Street6/3/2012Hold Vacant10/18/11 N/A YB&L Building Aots. - 304100 Spring Street6/3/2012Hold Vacant10/18/11 N/A YDanforth - 168 Spring Street  10/14/112011N YDanforth - 268 Spring Street6/3/20126/15/20126/7/12 Y YDanforth - 368 Spring Street  10/14/112007N YDanforth - 468 Spring Street  10/14/112011Y YDanforth - 574 Spring Street  10/14/112010Y YDanforth - 674 Spring Street  10/14/112008N YDanforth - 774 Spring Street  10/14/11NY YDanforth - 874 Spring Street8/1/20128/15/201210/14/11 N YRice House 30 Morley Drive  11/3/112010N YSouthworth Schoolhouse - 496 School StreetVacant8/1/20125/24/12 N/A YSouthworth Schoolhouse - 596 School Street8/1/20129/4/201210/26/11 N/A YSouthworth Schoolhouse - 796 School Street6/21/20128/15/201210/26/11 N/A YSouthworth Schoolhouse - 896 School Street  10/26/112007N/A YSouthworth Schoolhouse - 996 School Street  10/26/112007N/A YSouthworth Schoolhouse - 1096 School Street6/30/20128/10/201210/26/11 N/A YSouthworth Schoolhouse - 1196 School Street  10/26/11NN/A YSouthworth Schoolhouse - 1296 School Street  10/26/112010N/A YSouthworth Schoolhouse - 1396 School Street  10/26/112009N/A YSouthworth Schoolhouse - 1496 School Street  10/26/112010N/A YSouthworth Schoolhouse - 1596 School Street  10/26/112005N/A Y         Children under the age of 6        Y - Yes        N - No        PINE COBBLE HOUSES        280 Pine Cobble Road280 Pine Cobble Road  10/20/112011N/A Y340 Pine Cobble Road340 Pine Cobble Road9/1/20129/2/201210/20/11 N/A Y401 Pine Cobble Road401 Pine Cobble Road  10/20/112011N/A Y465 Pine Cobble Road465 Pine Cobble Road6/18/20128/1/201210/20/11 N/A Y510 Pine Cobble Road510 Pine Cobble Road  10/20/112009N/A Y540 Pine Cobble Road540 Pine Cobble Road   2011N/A Y600 Pine Cobble Road600 Pine Cobble Road  10/25/112010N/A Y620 Pine Cobble Road620 Pine Cobble Road   2011N/A Y695 Pine Cobble Road695 Pine Cobble Road  10/25/112012N/A Y730 Pine Cobble Road730 Pine Cobble Road  10/25/112011N/A Y735 Pine Cobble Road735 Pine Cobble RoadVacant6/29/201210/25/11 N/A Y         Children under the age of 6        Y - Yes        N - No