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Support staff in regular or term positions regularly scheduled to work at least half-time per week earn sick leave.


Sick Leave Availability

Sick leave is earned at a rate of one day per month and can be accumulated up to a maximum of 80 days. Sick leave is credited in the first pay period of the month for work in the prior month, and cannot be used before it is credited. Current available sick leave is reported on the employee's pay statement.accrued on a per pay period basis - 1/26th of your annual amount is earned each pay period.

 The annual sick leave accrual amount is 12 days. The sick leave amount will be prorated for appointments less than full-time.

The maximum balance is 80 days. Once an individual's accrual has reached the maximum balance, sick leave accrual will cease until their balance falls below the maximum. Staff can view their sick leave balance in PeopleSoft Time and Labor and on their pay statement. 

Sick leave will not be accrued when an employee is on short-term disability, workers' compensation or an extended unpaid leave of absence.


Sick time may be used as it is credited but cannot be used before it is earned. Sick leave can be used in as little as 15-minute increments.

An employee may not use earned sick time if the employee is not scheduled to be at work during the period of use. An employee may not accept a specific shift assignment with the intention of calling out for all or part of that shift.