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Windows Policies & Restrictions

The following outlines methods for "locking down" a Windows XP/Vista workstation. All changes are made to the Windows Registry. You have a few options to do this:

  • Regedit - Use regedit.exe to load the registry hive of the default user hive or account in question and create entires by hand.
    • Pros - good crash course in registry hierarchy
    • Cos - high mistake potential, time consuming
  • Group Policy Editor - use the GUI gpedit.msc to define policy exceptions.
    • Pros - ease of use, many options available
    • Cons - many options, can be daunting and distracting, no knowledge built of registry hierarchy
    • Pros - no install, makes changes to  the user logged-in
    • Cons - makes changes to current_user and can "paint you into corner"

RegeditHKEY_USERSFile, Load Hive

Browse to account location and open NTUSER.DAT
Name it NTUSER
File, Unload Hive