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Where are the Announcements? How do I post an announcement?
In Glow, Announcements are added in the form of News Forum. In the very top box in the center section of your course, click on Announcements to add a post. When you post to the Annoucements, all students are emailed the information.

Discussion Boards
Where can I find the Discussion Board? Can I import my old discussion board into Glow?
In Glow, Discussion Boards are just another Forum. In the the center section of your course, click on Add an activity and choose Forum. This will be similar to Blackboard Discussion Board.   At this point, Blackboard Discussion Board cannot be imported to Glow.

Where is the syllabus button? Where can I post my syllabus?
Once you've logged into Glow and have selected your course, the large block in the center of your screen is where you add the course content (syllabus) and information for your students. You can add links, PDFs, images, Word documents, videos, etc.  You can also create headings and folders to organize your course content, such as "Information about the final," "readings" or "assignments".

Course Documents
What happened to the Course Documents button? Where can I add my handouts, images, external links, etc?
Refer to the Syllabus section above.

Where is the Communication button? How do I email my students?

"Email" tool in Glow is one of many "Blocks" that one can add to the course. It is already added by default when courses are created on Glow. If it doesn't appear after you login to your course, you can add it.

Emailing students in Glow is straight forward. Just  click the "Compose Email" and everything else is and self-explanatory. Select your "Potential Recipient(s)" to add to the "Chosen Recipient(s)".

There are two options available for your to attach a document to your email:

1) upload a file from your computer's local drive

2) choose a file from your course file store you have already uploaded.

The link "Click here for your regular email client, or else use the form below" is an added feature which will populate your regular email client "send-to" field with all the email addresses in the "Chosen Recipient(s)". This is very useful if you have multiple documents to attach. You can use this feature to email multiple files with your regular email client for your class.

Where can I find the Facebook? How do I print it?
Blackboard's Facebook feature is available in Glow under the Roster block, Pictures.  You can print the page by using your Browser's Print function.

Sign-up Sheets
Where have the sign-up sheets gone? How do I create a sign-up sheet for my students?
The sign-up sheets are available as a Block.  Turn Editing on, and select Sign-up Sheets under the Blocks > Add... drop down menu.

Digital Dropbox
Does Glow have a Digital Dropbox? How can I receive assignments from my students?
Glow includes an assignment tool that allows you to receive assignments from your students online. A due date can be specified, which is then displayed on the class calendar. Reminders are also provided for upcoming due dates.  Add Assignment from the Add an activity drop-down menu.

Control Panel
Where is the Control Panel? How do I configure/administrate/manage my course options?
The Administration block is similar to Blackboard's Control Panel, where you can make your course available, add TA's, copy course, view course statistics and so on.

Course Availability
In Blackboard I had to make my course available before students could see it. Do I still have to do that? How do I do it?
As default, your Glow courses are hidden from your students.  Go to Settings in the Administration block.  You will see where you can change your course Availability toward the bottom of the page.

Course Design
How can I add a course banner? Can I change the course design?
Yes, you can add a banner.  Turn editing on and click  the Update icon in the very top box.  You can insert ( )your image  there that appear directly on your course page.    At this point, you cannot change the look and feel of the course design (colors, background, fonts, and so on,) but you can arrange the blocks the way you want them to appear for your students.

Language Pack
Can I change the default course language? How do I do that?
Yes.  Go to Settings in the Administration Block.   You can select the default language from the Force Language drop-down menu.