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Windows XP:

Computers that are set to download and install critical updates will have received the DST rules patch and will adjust the time on the correct day.

Full information on Microsoft products:

Mac OSX:

Mac OS 10.3 or 10.4 (Tiger and Panther) have updates to account for the new DST rules.

IF YOU HAVE 10.2 OR LOWER you will need to manually adjust your time:

Go to the Apple menu, select System Preferences, click Date & Time, then click the Date & Time tab.
Drag the clock to the correct time - or - click the up/down arrows for the correct time.
Make sure Set date & time automatically is not checked.


IF YOU USE THE OUTLOOK CALENDAR (email is not affected) - Microsoft Outlook 2003, XP, and 2000 require the Outlook Time Zone Data Update tool (from the Microsoft Download Site) in order to properly function.

Palm PDA (Tungsten or Zire) or smartphone (Treo):

Download the Palm updater. Double click DSTUpdater.prc file and the Palm installer will pop up. It may ask you to select a user associated with the phone. If you are the only user then it won't ask. You then Hotsync. After the hotsync go to view all applications and you should see DSTUpdater. Click on it and it will tell you what this application does, click Ok and the second message should be "Your device has been updated to the new DST settings".

For other Palms go to and check if there is an updater available.

Meeting Maker:

Full information from the Meeting Maker web site

Windows 2000:

There is a freeware patch available from that will correct the DST settings in Windows 2000. The patch can be downloaded from the Freeware Downloads section of the Downloads page:

Computer Labs:
Despite popular belief, really recent updates from Microsoft and Apple are actually not a sign of them dragging their feet. Both Mac OS 10.4 and Windows XP have been US Energy Policy Act 2005 EST compliant for at least four months. Here is how the labs and electronic classrooms stand -

Windows Labs and Lecterns
OS DST EST Compliant since deployed for Spring 2007. The November 2006 Microsoft update KB928388 was applied during December image updating. This update covered US Time Zones affected by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The most recent and subsequent offering from Microsoft is KB931836 and was just SUS approved at Williams. The lab and lectern PCs will get it at 6PM today.

It technically is not needed as the subsequent update is a "roll-up" that includes regions that just recently adopted the law: Central Brazilian ST, E. South America Standard, Iran Standard Time (needed if planning a time-sensitive invasion), Namibia, Newfoundland Standard Time, W. Australia Standard Time.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is at v1.6.0 and is DST EST compliant.

typing: java -version in either OS will yield the exact point release

Mac OS Labs and Lecterns
OS DST EST Compliant since deployed for Spring 2007. The Mac OS 10.4.5 update achieved DST EST compliance. We are using 10.4.8. The six additional non-US time zones that were recently affected were covered by the February 15, 2007 Apple Update. In any event, I pushed the most recent update.

Java updates are something that one has to be careful with. Without proper testing I fear applying Java updates, especially mid-term. The Mac labs and lecterns have JRE and that includes Olson database "tzdata2005m" which includes updates to the EST TimeZone. The zones that have been updated since are not relevant to us.