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In today's theater world, self-production can be a vital, engaging, and necessary method of creating and producing theatrical works. This course examines theatrical self-production and the ways in which artists exploit this model in pursuit of their individual and collective ambitions. Through a careful examination of successes and failures in contemporary theatrical collectives, this class will form its own unique structure for developing and producing a range of new, innovative, and thematically linked artistic work. Operating within carefully chosen constraints, students will share equally the administrative, artistic, and production roles in the public presentation of their works. Thus, a major emphasis of the course will be on experiential education, which provides an invaluable opportunity to encounter firsthand the highly complex relationship between artistry and production. An important component of the class will be ongoing symposium with practitioners from the profession, as well as the Department of Theater, that will focus on a range of specifically targeted skill sets necessary for students to realize their goals. Systematic group presentations of the creative development process will provide opportunities for guidance, critique, and sustained mentorship.

Performance fragments

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Database of all the research accumulated during the course of creating Project 228


Random thoughts, ideas, things that people bring in.  Not directly related to research, but no reason it might not become research as we move forward


Just in case you lost the sheet handed out in class, we will archive everything here as well
N.B. I am now putting all assignments in the "News" section of the wiki, tagged "assignments"  Clicking on this link will take you to anything tagged "assignments" on the wiki

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