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Williams College Faculty Handbook


I. College and Faculty Governance and Administration

A. The Board of Trustees, the President, and Other Senior Administrators
B. The Faculty
C. Faculty Committees and Panels
D. Administrative Advisory Groups

II. Faculty Policies and Programs

A. Introduction
B. Faculty Titles and Ranks
C. Academic Faculty Appointments, Reappointments, and Promotions
D. Reconsideration and Appeal of Academic Faculty Reappointment and Promotion Decisions
E. Faculty Salaries
F. Academic Department Governance
G. Academic Program Governance
H. Faculty Affiliation to Departments or Programs
I. Teaching Duties and Related Responsibilities
J. Policies Governing Part-time Faculty
K. Service to the College Community
L. Evaluation of Non-Tenured Academic Faculty Teaching, Scholarship, and Community Service
M. Evaluation of Associate Professors and Promotion to Full Professor
N. Leaves of Absence for Professional Work
O. Research Support
P. Terms of Service for Faculty in the Department of Physical Education
Q. Faculty Appointments and Conflict of Interest from Family and Other Special Personal Relationships R. Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
S. Sexual Harassment Policy
T. Non-Discrimination Policy and Outline of Discrimination Grievance Procedures
U. Scientific Misconduct and Public Health Service Reporting Obligations
V. Termination of Appointment for Cause
W. Procedures for Imposition of Sanctions Other Than Dismissal

III. Faculty Benefits and Services

A. Introduction
B. Payroll Information
C. Group Insurance Plan
D. The College Retirement Plan
E. Benefits and Privileges for Retired Faculty
F. Benefits for Early Retirees
G. Faculty and Administrative Staff Housing
H. Child Care
I. The College Tuition Grant Program
J. Reduced Fee Policy for Williams Courses
K. Athletic Facilities and Cultural Events
L. Moving Expense Reimbursement
M. College Cemetery
N. Summer Employment for Children of Faculty and Staff
O. Williams College Employees Federal Credit Union
P. Employee Benefits for Part-time Faculty
Q. Employee Benefits for Visiting Faculty
R. Family and Medical Leave of Absence Policy
S. Faculty Medical Leaves, Maternity Leaves, and Parental Leaves


IV. Faculty-Student Relations

A. Advising Students
B. Entertaining and Dining with Students

V. Facilities and Services

A. The College Libraries
B. Faculty Offices
C. College Publications and News Services
D. Duplicating Services and Office Supplies
E. Textbooks for Class Use
F. Campus Mail
G. Dining, Meeting and Lecture Facilities
H. Office of Information Technology
I. Williams College Museum of Art
J. The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
K. The Center for Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
L. Bernhard Music Center
M. '62 Center for Theatre and Dance
N. Center for Environmental Studies
O. Oakley Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences
P. Center for Development Economics
Q. Athletic Facilities
R. Multicultural Center

VI. Faculty Activities

A. Faculty Club
B. Faculty Lecture Series
C. Phi Beta Kappa
D. Sigma Xi
E. Convocation and Commencement

VII. Appendices

A. Discrimination Grievance Procedures
B. Sexual Misconduct Investigation and Adjudication Process  
C. Guidelines for a Formal Hearing in the Case of Dismissal or Suspension of a Faculty Member Because of Serious Shortcomings in the Discharge of His or Her Professional Duties
D. Safety and Public Health Committees and Policies
E. Code of Conduct
F. Confidentiality Policy

For more information, contact the Office of the Dean of the Faculty at 413.597.4351.