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The Art of Logic & War AND Peace
"come together, right now, yeaaah"

  • In War and Peace, as I said before, we have so many parallels between war and peace that they might as well be the same thing; which makes you think about the soundness of opposites: to what extent does the scale "black-white" exist in real world and to what extent do our minds make it up to stay sane?
  • Well, Logic also has a thing or two to say about it. Since half of the class knows a bit too much of the Russel paradox, I present a different one, even older, but with the same effect (and simpler to explain):
    • If I were to say "All Bulgarians are liars", am I lying?
  • The solution of this paradox, in our beloved Ls, would read ~B = B, or, in other words, "Not B is the same as B"
  • And, as professor Gerrard would say, "lo and behold": We have an equality between opposites.

Incidentally, these types of paradoxes (or at least the Russel paradox) have not yet been solved (although people have been working on them for decades). Personally, having seen opposites proven equal in two very different classes, I'm starting to think they never will be.