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In today's theater world, self-production can be a vital, engaging, and necessary method of creating and producing theatrical works. This course examines theatrical self-production and the ways in which artists exploit this model in pursuit of their individual and collective ambitions. Through a careful examination of successes and failures in contemporary theatrical collectives, this class will form its own unique structure for developing and producing a range of new, innovative, and thematically linked artistic work. Operating within carefully chosen constraints, students will share equally the administrative, artistic, and production roles in the public presentation of their works. Thus, a major emphasis of the course will be on experiential education, which provides an invaluable opportunity to encounter firsthand the highly complex relationship between artistry and production. An important component of the class will be ongoing symposium with practitioners from the profession, as well as the Department of Theater, that will focus on a range of specifically targeted skill sets necessary for students to realize their goals. Systematic group presentations of the creative development process will provide opportunities for guidance, critique, and sustained mentorship.

Performance fragments

Compositions, brainstorms, scores and scripts

Research homebase

Database of all the research accumulated during the course of creating Project 228


Random thoughts, ideas, things that people bring in.  Not directly related to research, but no reason it might not become research as we move forward


Just in case you lost the sheet handed out in class, we will archive everything here as well
N.B. I am now putting all assignments in the "News" section of the wiki, tagged "assignments"  Clicking on this link will take you to anything tagged "assignments" on the wiki

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Home page updates
Probably perfectly obvious, but I delved a little more into the wiki code and added some new stuff / changed some formatting on the home page. The old direct links to sections is still there on the upper left, and below it are links to the last 25 pages or files that have been changed — a quick and easy way to check to see who has added what. In the right-hand column are excertps from and links to the last 5 news items (so this should appear at the top for a while...…
PDF version INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENTS Adam Make a journal of daily drawings (blind contour, ink washes etc).  Think about and play with scale of the drawings ("journal" should be a conceptual term, not an actual, fixed-size book.)  Make drawings whose subjects span the spectrum from the beautiful to the grotesque (Or the beautiful to the shouldn't-be-beautiful-but-are) Alison The Music of the World of our Play.  Find music and sounds that could comprise the soundscape of the world of Beauty(10).…
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I'm adding in research that has been sent to me, as well as some background stuff (assignment sheets and such)  Meghan Rose gets a gold star for being the first person other than me to edit the wiki (though I know we still need to do a lesson) And really I just wrote this so I could figure out what "News" is on the wiki.  I think it's a blogging aspect...
2 juxtapositions
2 juxtapositions assignment sheet.pdf ASSIGNED:  Monday, 2 March DUE:  Thursday, 5 March
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THEA 228 syllabus
228 course syllabus (subject to change)
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Page: 10 things that shouldn't be beautiful
...but are Anna Petoygy lniq Shestohujnik (the fiveangled sixdicker) Mirabel With midterms and Friends' rehearsals and study abroad applications, I've been thinking a lot about time lately.  For me, time is about deadlines, four hours of sleep, running fr
Page: 10 thoughts about Beauty
Anna Oscar Wilde's "The Nightengale and the Rose" (PDF) Mirabel I found this article about the mathematics of facial beauty: I especially liked this quote: "The golden ratio, briefly, is the proporti
Page: 18th bday letter1.docx
                                                                                 September 13, 2007 Dear Mattie, A little over 18 years ago, when I had a brand new baby, I sat down and wrote a letter. I wanted to preserve for you the things I was thinking
Page: 18th bday letter2.docx
                        December 18, 1989 Dear Mattie, As I write this letter, you are just over three months old, and in one week you will celebrate your first Christmas. We have tried to think of things to get you for Christmas, but it seems kind of sil
Page: 2 juxtapositions
Alison Pincus Bruch Violin Concerto + Frederick Franck Seeing/Drawing LITERAL: An actor plays the cello. NARRATIVE: A cellist practices the first notes of Bruch's Kol Nidre in a garden setting. METAPHORICAL: A young woman spends a weekend escaping from th


Page: Adam's drawings
   Adam  Assignment: Make a journal of daily drawings (blind contour, ink washes etc).  Think about and play with scale of the drawings ("journal" should be a conceptual term, not an actual, fixed-size book.)  Make drawings whose subjects span the spectru
Page: Alison's soundscapes
With spoken text (interviews about what is beauty?) AAC (.m4a) / 7.3 Mb Without spoken text MP3 (.mp3) / 13.9 Mb
Page: Anna's cities
STORIES of Zoya of Triadna of Sereneca of Martengrad of Vsemiremara For all of these stories, follow the model of Invisible Cities where you make up an imaginary city, complete with name etc, and make that city the exemplar of whatever the story is about.
Page: Answers
The difference between a marsh and a swamp is that a swamp is woody wetland and a marsh is treeless. The Fahrenheit system was proposed by Daniel gabriel Fahrenheit in 1724.  0 degrees is the point at which the temperature of brine automatically stabilize
Page: Arcana
Exquisite corpse from Wikipedia Exquisite corpse (also known as "exquisite cadaver" or "rotating corpse") is a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled, the result being known as the exquisite corpse or cadavre exquis in F
Page: Assignments
ASSIGNED:  Monday, 2 March DUE:  Thursday, 5 March 228 course syllabus (subject to change)


Page: Beautiful Fallacy
Script versions: Beautiful Fallacy v3 (This is the version we were working with in rehearsal today, Thursday 16 April)
Page: Big Bang The universe began with a cataclysm that created space and time, as well as all the matter and energy the universe will ever hold.  At the instant of the Big Bang, the universe was infinite
Page: Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor, Op. 26
mp3 of 1st movement Midori + Berliner Philharmoniker Alison's sheet music (1st movement) WITH MARKUPS


Page: Compositions with Tina
World 1: "Listening"   World 2 version 1 World 2 version 2 World 2 version 3 World 3 Photos from Monday 3/9's workshop (Sorry, they aren't the highest quality!)  
Page: Con Los Ojos Cerrados
PDF of story (en español)
Page: Creation of the universe
Genesis 1:1-19 The Big Bang


Page: Dante's Paradiso e questo cielo non ha altro dove che la mente divina, in che s'accende l'amor che 'l volge e la virtù ch'ei piove. Luce e amor d'un cerchio lui comprende, sì come questo li altri; e quel precinto
Page: David's cosmology
Quintessence In the beginning (although since "beginning" is a temporal concept and time does not yet exist, it has no real meaning here) — In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  And the heaven was Aether, of the Protogenoi, the first-bor
Page: Deb's new page
Seven Acts of Mercy (corporal) Feed the hungry Give drink to the thirsty Clothe the naked Shelter the Homeless Visit the sick Visit the imprisoned Bury the dead Seven Acts of Mercy (spiritual) Instruct the ignorant Counsel the doubtful Admonish the sinner
Page: Dinosaurs + Kitchens
Ed Burger on beauty in mathematics .m4v / 19.4 Mb / 27:28
Page: Dissection
Dissection Quotes "You will get to know and love your preserved rat over the course of this dissection. "Sacrifice the rat according to established protocols." "Popular combination of sheep guts in a convenient storage box." "Highlight the reptilian class


Page: Eva melanosis


Page: Fa Tsang and the Hall of Mirrors
In Frederick Franck's book "Angelus Silesius," Franck describes a Zen Master's attempt to explain to the empress how the "True-Man-without-Face" (man's true nature, the Tao, Suchness, the Buddha-nature, whatever you will) is present in all people, and how
Page: Fallacy of the Slippery Slope
The fallacy of the slippery slope claims that, if you take one step in a certain direction, you will get yourself into a series of sticky situations from which you will be unable to extricate yourself.  You take one step onto the slippery slope and you'll
Page: Film cuts
"If cinema is sometimes dreamlike, then every edit is an awakening." ---Roger Ebert, on Russian Ark
Page: Forms of address in Bahasa
Indonesians have a very rich conception of status, age and familiarity being the two main components that constitute their forms of address.  A lot of the forms relate to family member names.  What I like about this is how it seems to make everyone an ins
Page: Four-leaf Clover
      The 4-leaf clover is a mutant form of Trifolium repens or white clover.  Scientists aren't quite sure why it happens, whether through genetics, or the environment, or chemicals, but it does.  One 'clover' is actually one leaf of the clover plant, wh
Page: Fra Angelico
Page: Frederick Franck
Fa Tsang and the Hall of Mirrors


Page: Genesis
Genesis 1:1-19 (First Book of Moses)  King James Bible In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of


Page: Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy  by Douglas Adams It occurred to me that The Hitch Hiker's Guide bears some significant similarities to the concept of our Book: it's huge, you could access any type of knowledge ever put into it with ease, and you de
Page: HIV imagery
Electron microscope image of an HIV virus attacking a cell Another image of HIV invading a cell
Home page: Home
In today's theater world, self-production can be a vital, engaging, and necessary method of creating and producing theatrical works. This course examines theatrical self-production and the ways in which artists exploit this model in pursuit of their indiv


Page: Interviews with former slaves
Interview with Henrietta King from Weevils in the Wheat
Page: Italian syntax
Italian (or, rather, further interesting linguistic observations and wherever they seem to go) I can seriously go with stuff like that forever because I love poking around with it, so feel free to skip to the second set of bullets for the funny part −    


Page: Japanese images of Perry
Images of Commodore Perry (PDF) (link to source webpage)



Page: L sub S
Symbol key Wikipedia article on logic symbols
Page: Languages
Italian syntax Mistranslations misspellings • The Qu'ran, virgins and white raisins Forms of address in Bahasa


Page: Meghan Rose's Outline
Welcome to the inverted Christmas tree! The cosmology scene. Perhaps we start with noise, a single violin (on xylophone?) note. More notes, voices, chords, etc. The universe is built out of string as the rules of the game (quintessence are being outlined)
Page: Meghan Rose's Research
Bahasa Indonesia Statistics 101 Anthropology/ Sociology 205 Fallacy of the Slippery Slope Fra Angelico The Book idea Read Answers
Page: Mistranslations + misspellings
Virgins or White Raisins as I mentioned in class, the Qur'an promises Muslims that they will, in heaven, have 72 virgins. Upon looking it up in Wikipedia, turned out the word is either "hur" (white) or "houri" (virgins) and, according to different interpr



Page: of Martengrad
of Martengrad January in Martengrad, they walk heads down, collars up through the muddy snowy streets, shivering and cursing the salt ruining their shoes. Yet come February, they breathe through their noses again, feel their coats less heavy and have chee
Page: of Sereneca
of Sereneca Of Sereneca it is said, "A city of sand built on water," and rightfully so. She never sits still, except when she is about to shatter into a flurry of motion, hurricane of events, sweeping like a sandstorm or a current. Her shapes are constant
Page: of Triadna
of Triadna There is no way grand enough to enter Triadna. Even when you approach her from the curvy road crossing the Ridge Mountain and see her spread below in the misty valley, with the Yunosha mountain rising on the other side, even then you descend in
Page: of Vsemiremara
of Vsemiremara When Bhaddiakar turned a thousand years old, the Authorities built a huge monument in its honor. They were so very proud of their neat idea to celebrate the grandeur of their country that they made huge plans and picked quite a central spot
Page: of Zoya
of Zoya Once upon a time, there lived a princess of a great empire. Her palace overlooked a golden gulf where dolphins played day and night, her rooms were painted in porphyry and their corners lined with gold; her gowns were made of silk and her jewelry


Page: Performance fragments
COMPOSITIONS:   SCRIPTS + SCORES   PROPOSED OUTLINES The Big Diagram   Title of show   Adam Alison's soundscapes   I. Quintessence   Alison David's cosmology   II. Phi & Science   Anna Anna's cities   III. Wisdom   Eva Adam's drawings   IV. The Book   Lau
Page: Petoygy lniq Shestohujnik
Disclaimer: I'm sorry about the offensive nickname. I swear I didn't make it up. Some of the charm is lost in the translation, but it would all be lost if I were to drop the swearword out. --=+=-- There is a monument in the heart of my city - in the huge
Page: Phi & Science
Adam's idea: (The lights dim. We are in a large study. A banker's lamp is turned on from an old wooden table. The table is covered with papers: star charts, encyclopedias, a sextant, a compass, a small globe. A telescope stands in the corner. An old and a



Page: Read
On Beauty by Zadie Smith Six Names of Beauty by Crispin Sartwell The Evidential Power of Beauty by Thomas Dubay Suffering and the Remedy of Art by Harold Schweizer Return to Laughter by Laura Bohannan/ Elenore Smith Bowen The Book of Wisdom Irish Writers
Page: Regression To the Mean
I'll probably do a terrible job of this but . . . For data that is quantitative, and linearly related, you can fit a line through the data that will best represent all the data.  Meaning the sum of the distance of the actual values from their predicteds w
Page: Research homebase
Meghan Rose's Research Creation of the universe David Spanish story, "Con Los Ojos Cerrados" Mirabel            RLSP 106 Interesting observations about languages • piacere vs. mancanza • Mistranslations misspellings Anna                RLIT 102 War and Pe



Page: The Big Diagram
Show diagram from march 19 class PDF version     The Big Diagram from march 5 class     Axes of Performance this is the play
Page: The book idea
    ----Excerptsfrom The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Page: The School
PDF of story by Donald Barthelme
Page: Things that are still real when put on stage
1. Money Exchange of currency that maintains its value outside the performance. Perhaps it is also necessary that it be a zero-sum game (one person's gain corresponds directly to another's loss)?1 2. Nakedness There's a caveat here, something about the di
Page: Title of show
Beauty10           ("Beauty to the power of ten") OR    ("Beauty to the tenth") OR    ("Beauty ten") [From Deb] In Tyme part of a coat of arms from a memorial in the Cathedral in Bath England I like the idea of coat of arms for 228.... Happy Break




Page: war AND peace
The Art of Logic & War AND Peace "come together, right now, yeaaah" In War and Peace, as I said before, we have so many parallels between war and peace that they might as well be the same thing; which makes you think about the soundness of opposites: to w
Page: WCMA's Beyond the Familiar
Artist Images on Artstor.  But you should definitely go see them yourself.  My notes on the exhibit: WCMA's exhibit: "Beyond the Familiar" draws together the photographic and literal works of ten artist-ethnographers.  Each artist had his or her own appro
Page: Wilson + Belinda
We'll talk about name changes on Thursday. So, the bulk of our discussion consisted of whether to have these characters in one segment or to take one of them and use the character as the through-line of the entire piece. Both characters have basic charact
Page: Wisdom
Script texts: Wisdom (v1) This is the text I brought to class today (Thursday 16 April) Shadow puppet ideas (if we stayed with that for all or part):