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Dissection Quotes

"You will get to know and love your preserved rat over the course of this dissection.

"Sacrifice the rat according to established protocols."

"Popular combination of sheep guts in a convenient storage box."

"Highlight the reptilian class with this fine turtle specimen, available in two sizes and four injection options."

"If you desire a mammal specimen that is inexpensive, fully muscled, and has well-developed genitalia, the rat is the specimen of choice. Pregnant rats are also available."

"Choose from free-living or parasitic flat worms, male or female roundworms, and segmented worms which are hermaphroditic or separate."

"We recommend dissecting at least one rabbit along with your normal cat study."

"Tarantulas...preserved with a high-quality fixative that ensures excellent flexibility."

"Chickens and Sparrows: plain chicken specimens are uncolored."

"The lubber grasshoppers we use are all large, Grade A specimens, each internally injected with a special formula that ensures flexibility and preservation."

"With a large pair of poison fangs and many legs modified for running, centipedes stir enormous interest in all students!"