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Make a journal of daily drawings (blind contour, ink washes etc).  Think about and play with scale of the drawings ("journal" should be a conceptual term, not an actual, fixed-size book.)  Make drawings whose subjects span the spectrum from the beautiful to the grotesque (Or the beautiful to the shouldn't-be-beautiful-but-are)

The Music of the World of our Play.  Find music and sounds that could comprise the soundscape of the world of Beauty(10).  Think of the gesture and frame you all created — this is a world where fragile, beautiful things can miraculously defy the forces of nature and lift us up into the sky (or bring us back from the dead.)  And yes, at least SOME part of this soundscape ought to be something you can play, or create on, your violin in live performance.

Read Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities.  When you are finished, get in touch with David for the rest of the assignment.  (Which will involve writing 4-6 short essays, about the length of the one on the fourangled sevendicker, so allow yourself time for that.)

PDF of specific writing assignments

Video project:  zooming in, show us a world with no interest or no beauty, which then reveals itself to us through the camera, through the act of looking, really looking.  Utilize your personal aesthetics and interest in the boundaries between the beautiful and the grotesque (and the beauty in the grotesque, and the grotesque in the beautiful.)  Editing can certainly happen after your return from break.

Ls, fallacies, logic.  "The flaws make the Art.  The flaws are what make people beautiful."  Write something about all of this.  Try to include hefty doses of Ls, of the strict structure of that Language of Reason.  There's something beautiful about it!  Visual elements (writing in Ls, for example, or anything else for that matter) could certainly be an integral part of your "script."

The Greeks:  Start with Plato's ideal Forms and Beauty, maybe also Aristotle's Poetics, and see where it leads you.  These are the foundations for Western ideas of Beauty -- tell us about what those Greeks thought!  This could be a lecture, this could be a story, what have you.  (Have you every read Sophie's World?  That could almost be a model for a story version of these philosophers' thoughts....)

Meghan Rose
The Book!  The Rant!  Go to!

Mathematics of beauty, phi, Golden Ratio, beauty of reason, mathematical forms, etc.  Perhaps also that wonderfully mathematical concept of "the beautiful proof" etc?

The Sistine Chapel ceiling, the Sibyls and their Books.  The TIME-LIFE photo narrative.  Flying!

Big Bang Genesis.  Theogyny.  Creation.



Write and sketch your vision for how the space of the CenterStage should be used for our production.  Use the Gesture and Frame we came up with as a guide, as well as the skeletal diagram David came up with from our previous discussions.

Think about volume, verticality, composition, proportions of the space.  Think about how it might change over the course of the piece - or whether is should change physically.  Think about audience perspective and point of view, as well as how the audience and actors relate to one another in three-dimensional space.  Think about movement - movement of the actors, movement of visual elements, movement of the audience (whether you are pro or con.)

Come to class on Monday prepared to present your ideas, and to listen wholly to the ideas of others.  Come prepared to argue passionately for your vision, but also open to being persuaded by others.  We will be making a final decision on Monday, but my hope is that we can come to a decision by consensus rather than compromise!

New for Thursday April 16...
It was decided that we need to clarify and start making sense of the entire structure of segments--- So the assignment for Thursday's class is that we each will make a chart/guide/map/description/ whatever form, for what the entire play is... go from the biggest segment down to the close moment and then out beyond that paint chip at the end. We will present and discuss these in class (like we did for the set). This way, we all will have clearer ideas to bring together and move us all forward in the assemblage of the "map/chart/guide/score" of the Beauty (10). Please review all the segment work on the wiki that has already been produced, to incorporate into the larger assignment. So if any segment groups haven't updated their materials on the wiki please do so before 5pm today.