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I'm adding in research that has been sent to me, as well as some background stuff (assignment sheets and such)

 Meghan Rose gets a gold star for being the first person other than me to edit the wiki (though I know we still need to do a lesson)

And really I just wrote this so I could figure out what "News" is on the wiki.  I think it's a blogging aspect...

  1. Mar 05, 2009

    Yep, it's a blog...

  2. Mar 05, 2009

    I love gold stars, but I don't think I really deserve it:

    "There is nothing adequate which anyone in any place can say to those who are
    entitled to display the gold star in their windows. America lives in freedom because
    of the sacrifices of America's finest citizens and of the mothers who raised them.."  -FDR