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Williams College Employee Handbook

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Weather-related Leave

As a residential college Williams must continue to support its students regardless of inclement weather or other emergency situations. The college, therefore, does not close. Williams is, however, concerned with the safety of its employees in extreme weather conditions. It relies on each person's discretion in determining whether to come to work or leave early in bad weather. In these circumstances, time taken must be charged to vacation, unpaid time, or work from home where possible, with manager's approval.

In extreme circumstances, the college may decide to close administrative offices not directly associated with the essential functions of the college. The decision to do so will be made by the Vice President for Finance & Administration, in collaboration with the Executive Director of Facilities, the Director of Campus Safety and Security, and the Director of Human Resources. In this event employees who are sent home or are not required to report to work will continue to be paid.

A decision to close administrative operations are announced on the HR website, the college’s weather line 413-597-ICEY (4239), college email, and local television stations.

Essential staff required to work when administrative offices are closed will receive premium pay for the time they work.  This applies to essential staff who work first, second or third shift, and weekends. 

Faculty Handbook . | . Administrative Staff Handbook . | . Support Staff Handbook