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Williams College Employee Handbook

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Vacation Leave for Support Staff

Support staff in regular or term positions working at least half-time are eligible for vacation leave with prior supervisory approval. NOTE: Staff in Dining Services, the Library, and nurses in the Health Center should contact their supervisors about the specific vacation policies in their departments.

Vacation leave is credited as follows based on a full-time, twelve month appointment and prorated for appointments less than that:

Years of service

Vacation days per year

0-5 years

10 days

6-10 years

15 days

11 or more years

20 days

Vacation leave is based on years of service and credited on an employee's anniversary date. Leave may not be borrowed from the next year. In the event that an employee does not use his or her vacation leave by the end of the year in which it is accrued, an amount not to exceed twelve months of accrued time may be carried forward into the next year.

The amount credited for the year appears on an employee's pay statement. At separation vacation will be prorated based on the amount of time earned and unused through that date. Any negative vacation balance amounts will be deducted from the final paycheck. Vacation leave will be prorated for employees on approved long-term leave status, such as family and medical leave, short-term disability, workers' compensation, parental leave or unpaid leave. Vacation leave will not be accrued when an employee is on short-term disability, workers' compensation or an extended unpaid leave of absence.

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