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Williams College Employee Handbook

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Vacation Leave for Administrative Staff


Administrative staff in regular or term positions working half-time or more (0.5 FTE) earn paid vacation leave.

Vacation Leave Availability

Vacation leave is earned on a per pay period basis. The annual vacation accrual for full-time* administrative staff is 176 hours (22 days). *Full-time is defined as 40 hrs/week for 12-months and equals 1.0 FTE (Full-Time Equivalent).

The maximum balance is 1 ½ times your annual accrual. For full-time administrative staff, this is 264 hours (33 days). Once an individual's accrual has reached the maximum balance, vacation accrual will cease until their balance falls below the maximum. 

Accrual and maximum balance are prorated for those working between half-time and full-time, based on the FTE ranges below.

FTE Range

Annual Accrual

Maximum Balance

.84 FTE - 1.0 FTE



.76 FTE – 0.83 FTE



0.51 FTE - 0.75 FTE



0.50 FTE



NOTE: Staff in the Library should contact their supervisors about the specific vacation policies in their department.

Vacation leave will not accrue when an employee is on short-term disability, workers' compensation or an extended unpaid leave of absence. Employees who work less than 12 months of the year will earn their annual vacation accrual during the portion of the year when they are paid.

Currently available vacation leave is reported on the employee's pay statement, with details available in PeopleSoft Self-Service Time Reporting. Supervisors and Department Heads will receive a monthly report of their staff’s vacation time used and ending balances.

Earned and unused vacation leave will be paid out at the time of separation. Any negative vacation balance will be deducted from the final paycheck.

Vacation Leave Use

Vacation time may be used in as little as half day increments (based on your normally scheduled hours for that day - see the Schedules and Workweek policy). Hours used should be reported in a timely manner, preferably no later than the week following use.

Vacation leave can be used before it is earned, allowing balances to go into the negative up to the annual accrual. Leave may not be borrowed from the next year, nor is payment in lieu of vacation permitted.

When using vacation time, an employee shall make a good faith effort to provide notice of this need to their supervisor in advance of the use of the vacation time.  An employee shall comply with their department’s procedure for requesting and approving vacation time.

Administrative staff should now report vacation and sick leave usage in PeopleSoft Self-Service Time Reporting. For instructions, please watch this Video Tutorial.

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