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We've compiled articles that are written to be informational guides to specific topics:

Software - Tips, Tricks, General Information



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Page: 32-bit vs 64-bit windows - which do I have? Page: Backing Up Data Page: Blackberry Page: Building Schedule for Wireless Upgrade. Page: CFMX7 Docs Page: Champs Page: Changing your password on your iPhone & iPod Touch Page: Clickers Page: Computer Glossary Page: Computer Labs and Electronic Classrooms Page: Computing Ethics and Responsibilities Page: Content Converters Page: Converting Microsoft Office Documents into Confluence Page: Copiers Page: Create a Wiki Page Page: Creating QuickTime streaming media Page: Deleting a Wiki Page Page: Determining Your MAC Address for XBox and Sony Playstation 2 Page: Email Center Page: Email How to spot Viruses, Spam, Phishing Page: Email Save Page: Email Setting up Automatic Replies on the Absence Mail Server Page: Email Setup Page: Email Using authenticated SMTP Page: Emergency Coverage Page: Encryption of Files Page: Energy and Environment Conservation Tips Page: Evaluating IT at Williams Page: Faculty Support Page: Faculty Technology Lunch Series Page: First Days Page: Forwarding Email to Another Account Page: Go Antivirus Page: Green Page: Green Up Page: Guest Registration System Page: How to find MAC addresses on Gaming Consoles Page: Impulse Page: iPhone Page: Kace Page: link scrape Page: Listservs Page: Live Backup - exceptions Page: MAC Page: Mac access to Netware Page: Mac OS X Page: Mac OS X Color Printing Page: Massachusetts Identity Theft Law Page: Network Bridging Issues Page: NotifyLink - Changing Passwords Page: NotifyLink Setup on a Blackberry Page: NotifyLink Setup on iPhone Page: Novell Netware Client Page: Passwords and Accounts Page: PeopleSoft Self-Service Security FAQ Page: Phishing Page: PII_Removal_Project Page: plain text email Page: Policies Page: PowerPoint - Choosing image resolution Page: Print Center Page: Printer Allocation Page: Printers Bascomb Page: Privacy Policy Page: Public Printer List Page: Purchasing a Computer Page: Removing yourself from a List Page: SafeConnect (Impulse) Troubleshooting Page: Samba and Netware Native / Apple SMB access on Mac Page: Samba and Netware Native / Apple SMB access on Windows Page: scrape test Page: Secure and Safe Computing for Administrative Offices Page: Security Page: Sleep-password Page: SMB-Mac Page: Spyware Page: Streaming Media with Flash Page: Subscribing to a List Page: Technology Reference Guide Page: Troubleshooting Quicktime Streaming Video Page: Upgrading MS Office 2003,2004 to MS Office 2007,2008 Page: Using Pine Page: Virtual Private Networking Page: Virus Center Page: Viruses Page: Vista- Basic Intro Page: Weekly-based Course Page: What does 'monitoring' mean? Page: Widgets for PC and Mac OS Page: Williams Webmail Client Page: Windows XP Service Pack 2 Page: Wireless About Page: Wireless Access Point Registration Page: Wireless Application Usage Page: Wireless Center Page: Wireless Connecting to Williams Wireless Page: Wireless Frequently Asked Questions Page: Wireless Get Wireless Support Page: Wireless Glossary Page: Wireless Where to Find Wireless at Williams Page: Working From Off-Campus Page: Working with blocks in GLOW Page: Xythos - At other Institutions Page: Xythos - Getting Started Page: Xythos prototype Page: Xythos - What is it?