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Responsibility of Instructors:
Course instructors have primary responsibility for ensuring that the rights and welfare of human subjects are not violated. This responsibility includes communicating to students the ethical principles for the protection of human subjects, reviewing student class project applications, monitoring their activities and consent procedures. All adverse incidents must be reported to the Human Subjects Office within 48 hours.

1. Course instructors are responsible for completing an Instructor Exemption for Class Projects and forwarding it together with the class roll to the IRB. The exemption is valid only for the academic semester during which the class project will be conducted.

2. Instructors are responsible for training students in human subjects research ethics and the relevant institutional policies and procedures.

3. Instructors are responsible for prior review of student applications to ensure compliance with the above-stated IRB parameters.

4. Instructors are responsible for reviewing and approving Student Applications for Class Projects and for retaining the paperwork for a period of one academic year.
These applications are only for the use of the instructors – the IRB does not review them.

5. Instructors must review and approve informed consent procedures. A sample consent form is provided below.

6. Instructors must review and approve instruments, methods, and procedures prior to use by students.

7. Instructors are responsible for ensuring that students obtain authorization for access to other institutions. This is very important!

*C. Recommended Format for Consent for Class Projects*:
NOTE: This consent form is only for use in class projects. This does not meet the minimum necessary federal standards for regular research. Please use the format recommended in Section VIII for research projects.